Tubemate Chinese version v3.0.9 Android version

TubeMate 3 is a youtube video downloader for use on the latest mobile phones. It allows you to download the wonderful videos on the youtube website on your mobile phone. Friends who need it can take a look.

Application introduction

TubeMate Video Downloader allows you to easily download youtube videos while supporting domestic mainstream video sites. Although the interface of the TubeMate video downloader is not very powerful, but the function and that are good, of course, the premise is that you can browse youtube.

TubeMate latest version features

  1. Allows you to easily download videos from youtube, naver, daum, etc.
  2. At the same time support domestic mainstream video website video download
  3. Can also play local videos

How to use TubeMate

TubeMate inherits the consistent features of the tool, ugly! The overall lack of interface design, but it is not surprising, after all, the main role of the tool is for us to use, and not a shocking visual impact.

The way to use TubeMate is simple, and the overall operation is like a browser. Click the More - link in the top right corner of the top bar and enter the target video playback address in the text box. After the page is loaded, a prominent green download button will appear in the top bar of the app. Click on it to select the video format and quality in the pop-up secondary menu and select Download. The downloaded video can be managed and viewed on the TubeMate download list and the player, which is very convenient.

Where to download?

Here are some direct links to download:


Software information

  1. Software size: 6.1M
  2. Software language: Multi-language [Chinese]
  3. Software Type: Foreign software
  4. Software Category: Free Software / Video Video 
  5. Updated: 2017-12-03 16:02 
  6. Operating environment: Android Software class:
  7.  4 software vendors:

Update log

  1. V2.4.1 update content:
  2. Parsing errors that modify YouTube changes
  3. V2.4.0 update content:
  4. Fix 0 free space problem